Freelancing as an old paradigm re-invented

The thinking man in this context is thinking about joining all those in the hell of the box

A shift is happening

The modern organisation is faced with a situation where it must re-act to an ever changing environment fast.  This change are enabled via resources who are skilled and need to make the change happen.

People Only Learn This Fast

The additional challenge is that the people who are employed in organisations have a specific learning curve, constraining the speed at which the organisation can affect change.  This is where organisations need to look at alternative options such as using Freelancers to assist with the change.

The Solution

Organiations need to find organisations who provide skilled individuals who can assist with enabling change and individuals need to upskill themselves outside of their current comfort zones and look at joining Freelance sites such as

I Decided To Join the Freelance Revolution

I decided to make my skills available to organisations as I have skills in AI, but the box I was placed in did not allow for the application of my skills.  I do integration of systems, my box did not allow me to do full integrations.  I decided to climb out of the box and accept Freelance assignments via channels such as  (Software Development Group) as this is not only out of the box thinking, but also out of the box living.


Kind Regards

Deon Bands